Yamaha Clavinova CVP 208 mahogany


Full size Digital Piano 88 key/notes graded hammer weighted keyboard

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  • Today we have got a Fantastic Yamaha Clavinova CVP 208 with matching stool ,manuals and 6 months warranty.



    fantastic Yamaha Clavinova CVP 208 digital piano .In a woodgrain cabinet with dark rosewood finish .If you are looking for a digital piano that has as true to life piano sound as a piano than the Yamaha Clavinova digital piano is the best .These clavinovas are finest digital pianos out there and are the most advanced digital pianos ever designed and is a delight to play, with a beautiful tone. It has headphone sockets for silent practice .And also host of audio outputs inputs ,USB ,PC interface as well as MIDI . The piano works perfect and in very nice used condition .Please see photos

    Yamaha applied 100 years’ experience in crafting acoustic pianos to bring you the CVP Series, which, like all Clavinovas are, first and foremost, pianos. For unrivalled sonic realism there’s Yamaha’s proprietary Dynamic Stereo Sampling AWM tone generation. As a further step towards providing the ultimate piano sound, CVP Series models also feature stereo samples of a specially selected Yamaha CFIIIS concert grand. Plus the GH (Graded Hammer effect) for incredibly natural touch response. Which adds up to more musical pleasure for the whole family. All from beautiful, naturally finished instruments that are at home in any modern interior.



    Details taken from Yamaha website

    Welcome to the digital part

    When you bring a Clavinova into your home, you bring so much more than an acoustic piano has to offer. Of course, Yamahas Clavinovas offer all the touch response and beautifully rich, detailed piano sound you want. Plus a great deal more, including a full orchestra of superb quality digitally sampled instruments, and a whole host of advanced auto accompaniment features. Whats more, you get all the convenience of a digital instrument: no need for costly tuning, greater portability, and you can use headphones, so you can play any time you like without disturbing the family or your neighbors.

    If youre going to study theres no place like home

    The Clavinova features a truly extensive learning support Mk system including guide lamps over the keyboard. Right from day one, the kids-or even grandad can learn by playing real music instead of practice pieces, making it fun and enjoyable to study. Theres even a built-in recorder so you can record your performance an see how youre doing, and save it to floppy disk to build up a continuing progress report.

    Build up your own library of music software

    Yamaha offers an enormous library of music software for study, karaoke, playalong or just playback enjoyment. Pick up a song file data disk and enjoy minus-one playback that lets you step into the spotlight and solo in front of a full orchestra. Or load a style data disk, and add more auto accompaniment styles. No matter what kind of music you like, or at what level you play, theres sure to be just the title for you. From classical to rock, pop to ethnic, the list is almost endless.

    XG opens up even more music

    XG is Yamahas revolutionary extension of the General MIDI format. Naturally, it contains all of the GM standard, so you have complete compatibility with commercially available GM software. And it goes a lot further, to include a huge set of additional voices -a minimum of three effects processors with many effects types -MIDI control of analog inputs allowing processing of, for example, microphone inputs to create vocal harmonies -extensive control of other parameters for real-time sound shaping Whats more, theres also a vast selection of XG song software available. And if youre connected to the internet, you can tap into an incredible variety of XG resources. Why not visit some of these websites:

    XG main page:


    Free Song Data Library:


    Connect to your PC and add extra power

    Handy one cord connection to your Windows or Macintosh computer adds a whole new dimension of power to the Clavinova. For example, you can use commercially available sequencing software, such as Yamahas XGworks, to create truly complex and advanced performances. Or you can use notation software to create sheet music for the compositions you create. Theres almost no limit to what you can do.

    Yamaha CVP208 specification

    • 88-key GH (Graded Hammer effect) keyboard
    • 640 x 480 resolution color LCD
    • Score/Lyrics display function
    • Six display languages
    • Customizable wallpaper (display background)
    • 3-step Dynamic Stereo Sampling AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) tone generation with Stereo Sustain samples, Key-off samples, Soundboard Reverb, and String Resonance
    • 192-note polyphony
    • 310 Regular Voices
    • 22 Natural! Voices
    • 13 Sweet! Voices
    • 6 Cool! Voices
    • 17 Live! Voices
    • 10 Organ Flutes! Voices (8 footages)
    • Sound Creator
    • XG
    • General MIDI
    • Disk Orchestra
    • Digital Effects (Reverb/Chorus/DSP/Brilliance)
    • EQ
    • Vocal Harmony
    • 247 Accompaniment Styles
    • 31 Session! Styles
    • 36 Pianist Styles
    • 17 Piano Combo Styles
    • Style Creator
    • OTS (One Touch Setting)
    • Music Finder (Max. 2500 records)
    • 120 preset songs (Song Book)
    • Guide function
    • 16-track recording
    • Karaoke
    • PIANO button for instant piano set-up
    • Direct Access Button
    • Registration Memory
    • Metronome
    • 60W x 2 amplifier/speaker system
    • PC interface (USB)
    • Video out jack
    • Dual headphone jack s
    • Floppy disk drive
    • Three foot pedals
    • Sliding key cover
    • Music clips
    • Headphone Hanger


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