Yamaha Clavinova CLP 511


Yamaha Clavinova CLP 511 full size digital 88 keys / notes piano keyboard with stool

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Quality instrument in very nice condition and full working order,with stool and genuine manual


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Bring the quality of a concert grand to your home.

Stereo Sampled AWM

Yamaha’s AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) tone generation has long been the leader in the industry. Stereo Sampling takes it even closer to the sound of the real thing by making CD-quality stereo recordings, note by note, to accurately capture the way we hear live sound.
AE(Action Effect) Keyboard – Supple, Responsive

The AE keyboard puts you in full control of superbly expressive sounds. This keyboard is the crystallation of a century’s experience in crafting grand pianos, delivering the same firm yet supple response as a Yamaha grand.
Wide Range of Voices–9 AWM Sounds plus 9 Variations

The CLP511 offers a wide selection of voices including pianos, electric pianos, harpsichord, organ and more, for complete versatility across a broad range of music. A second variation for each voice is offered, effectively doubling the number of voices available. This wide selection allows you to play your music using the sound of the instrument it was written for.
Extended Polyphony

When you play fast, dense legato passages, conventional digital pianos quickly run out of notes. This results in notes being truncated, as the instrument has to “steal” from sustained notes whenever you play a new note. With the CLP511 you’re offered a maximum 32-note polyphony to handle fast passages with a lot of sustained notes to assure you always have plenty of notes in reserve.
PC Interface

With the PC interface you get quick, easy connection to your Windows or Macintosh personal computer. This gives you access to an expanded world of music-making. You can use your favorite sequencing software to drive the Clavinova digital piano or you can download recordings into your PC. You can also enjoy an incredible range of playback software and even music instruction software for self study.
Digital Reverb

Add the ambience of a wide variety of venues at the touch of a button, with the built-on digital reverb. By digitally simulating the way sound waves are reflected from the walls, floor and ceiling, digital reverb adds more dynamic power to your music. Choose from two different sized halls, a medium size room, or on-stage ambience to give exactly the effect your playing demands.
Digital Effects

You can further tailor the sound to match you mood or music with the digital effects. The brilliance function lets you select from bright when you want a rock-type piano sound, mellow for laid-back ballads, or normal. In addition, you also have chorus effect to add even more richness to any instrument voice you select.
Dual Mode

Use the dual mode to combine two voices for simultaneous play, and create new and exciting voice combinations. You could try stacking up strings and piano. When you play staccato, you’ll hear the piano, but when you play legato, you’ll hear the piano with a beautiful halo of strings. Once you have selected the sounds, you can make many adjustments to suit your playing needs.
Split Mode

Allows you to split the keyboard and play one sound in the lower register and another in the higher. You can choose any combination of sounds and customize them with many adjustments.
Variable Touch Sensitivity

Your unique playing style is the total of many things. One of the most important of them is your touch on the keyboard. With a choice of hard, medium, or soft, you can adjust the keyboard’s response to exactly match you playing style. There’s even a fixed response to turn off the touch sensitivity, ideal for when you are playing the harpsichord or organ voice.
Seven Temperaments

A selection of seven temperaments (equal, pure major, pure minor, kirnberger, pythagorean, mean-tone, and werckmeister) give even more versatility, allowing you to play with total historic authenticity and play everything from ethnic to avant garde music.
Performance Memory

Think of the performance memory as a builit-in tape recorder, allowing you to record a backing track and then solo over the top of it. The CLP511 offers two tracks of recording. You can archive your performance on your PC via the PC interface or on an external MIDI recorder. Students will benefit by hearing, analyzing and playing along with their performances. And to keep your time right, there’s a built-in metronome with volume control.
30 Interactive Songs

Play along with some of the world’s most famous piano repertoire. Play one hand while the digital piano plays the other. Choose from pieces like: Fur Elise, Arabesque, The Entertainer and many more.

The CLP511 is as beautiful to look at as it is to play. The wooden cabinet with dark rosewood grain finish features a sliding key cover and a finished back panel. The stylish music desk adds an extra touch of elegance.

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